B in the toilet by doctor chunder

A once in a life time piss fun 4 the doctor. Near where i live there is a sports field and on it is a toilet , well at the back of the toilet block there are two pipes one is for the hand badions the other on takes all the piss from all six piss stands wow. The pipes are made of plastic and the toilet block backs on 2 woods . Saturday morning there is loads of teen lads there playing foot ball fuck so many lads. So the doctor had 2 do somthing about it ???.so this morning dressed as a tramp i made my way though the woods armed with a axe saw and a bottle of freash poppers. Made my way to the back of the toilet block got me saw and cut the pipe using the elbow joint i had in me bag i pointed the pipe so it would spray in my face. So now wait 4 theses hot boys so i spent some time watching them hot teen lads working up a sweat wow so many lads. Time 4 fun ? The lads were now making there way back 2 the shower block i was in place waiting 4 it well it was not long b 4 the sweet teen piss started flowing fuck i was drinking washing in it play in with it . I must have been there 4 30 min drinking and playing with teen piss . Put the pipe back together and went home wet. I think there is more fun 2 have there.

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thats wot i is a toy let so boys cum go on me

Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Did you ever go back?