Beer Piss

My favorite piss to quench my thirst is beer piss!

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Totally agree!! Beer piss is the best piss!

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Love beer piss not from the glass give me the tap


I drink a lot of beer and piss a lot. Sometimes I save some and drink it (recycling!). I’d love to have another drinking buddy to drink from once in a while.


I used to have a guy who gave me piss every time I seen him. Some times he would ONLY have one type of drink so I could compare. There was water, orange juice, rum, beer. Rum was the sweetest, orange juice was tasty and water was OK.
Beer was the most bitter; but, I soon developed a taste for it and soon I craved it and still prefer it. If your like me and want lots to drink beer and any type of juice are your best bet, they seem to make guys piss a lot.
My 1st choice is beer for taste and quantity. (Perhaps I should get a job as a human urinal in a men’s washroom at a very busy bar, cause I’m thirsty all the time.)


I had a buddy we would go out and drink a beer and a glass of water, and another beer and a water, for a few hours. Once we started to piss we could drink from each other almost non stop for hours. Sometimes when my beer bottle got empty he would refill it for me, and I would sit at the bar drinking his piss from a bottle all night


Piss is fantastic. Especially morning piss and yellow piss. I found bathroom where 3 urinals pretty much are always full of sweet yellow piss from. A baseball park. The smell is such a huge turn on it makes me cum sometimes. Just to get the piss out of the urinals and soak it up or suck it up or pour it onto myself is the greatest thing.
Text me about piss at 2516567789.
I. Also buy pissy towels and piss.

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Try nespresso, produces good smell and taste.
Or after cumming also delicious

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mmm that would be so hot

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love that too…damn

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Love beer piss. Funny it is hard to find here in Chicago. The strongest is dark yellow morning piss. Need to find a new piss buddy. How about bear beer piss. Love big guys.

yes beer piss is great. i sure can use some now

Hit me up man, where you located?