Chat scheduling

I’d really like to have some fun in the Chat room here, but nobody’s ever around when I check in. I’m wondering if the Chat would get used more if some of us would agree on a time to meet? Not sure of the details, but I think it’d be fun to get more use out of this feature.

Suggestions are appreciated!


I guess what I have in mind isn’t as much “scheduling” as having people drop by the Forum to say, “Hey, I’m usually checking in Wednesday evenings – I’d love to have others join in!”

Something like that?

its always empty jeah its too kess pissfun

Even some vid sharing or group Piss video chat

Yeah. Some way we could share our interests.

Im on skype and usually have Self piss pics and vids to share

OK, seriously. We have a nice chat room with video, audio, and file sharing. Why does nobody use it? I’d love to talk about cocks and piss and all that.

Let’s agree on a time to get together and chat!

How about tonight after midnight eastern?

I’m on chat right now. Not sure for how long.

Hit me up dude and let’s plan a chat time. Hot for piss-full condoms!!!

Did all ya’ll ever come up with anything? I just joined today and love the idea of some of group chat. I’ve been a piss lover and drinker for over 40 years and have lots of stories to share.

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I just assumed everyone would give their Skype’s or something. I wish there was a group to join.

Would love to be there and drink my piss while chatting