Diapers for PISS

Anyone else wear diapers just for the pleasure of being able to piss and fill one on demand ? I also love wearing one and pissing and having a guy piss into mine while wearing it. Would love to share stories.

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I love wearing diapers. The feeling of warmth as you pee ur diaper nd it starts to swell nd droop

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Oh yes so freaking hot. Found some really good ones that work for overnight also… no leaks and piss all night no matter how much I drank the night before… What a rush it is, I wake to pee and actually smile while I am peeing. Would love to chat with anyone interested.

They make a cool product called Booster Pads, one brand i really like is Tranquility, I use the booster with their Tabbed Diapers and also the overnight Pull Ups… No leaks all night no matter how much I piss. Same results during the day. I get mine from an on line placed called carewell.com Great prices, so far can not find better prices and the service is really good. Hope this helps, are you into sharing photos of pee filled diapers, and general pee chat ? Let me know.

Florida here… Always love some piss, my wife will do me out on the pool deck, so hot but a cock pissing is even better

I occasionally wear a pull-up panty diaper with a pad liner. So nice to pee whenever you’re in the mood to. That warm feeling is very comfy. I also like to get it filled by another person. For the past year I’ve been serving a FtM piss master. They often fill it with a stream of piss. But only after I’ve rimmed well and drank some.

Oh yes the more the better. I also add the Booster Pads, found some that
really hold a massive amount and still no leaks so I can wear the diaper
all day even in public and no problems. Yes having someone piss into the
diaper is an added bonus.

wear pull ups regularly . Love to show them off to guys in public. Would love to have someone piss in my pull up share thier piss with mine

I love wearing a diaper full of my piss while being covered in other men’s piss. Good hard throbbing cocks blasting me with hot steamy piss right in the face before they duck my ass and piss on me again.