Drink Together On CAM

I love drinking my own piss and really love watching another guy drinking his own piss. Would love to find other another guy into this, both just for chat or to drink piss together on CAM.


the good doctor will drink with you and chat piss

hi, add me in skype dan.kedi

hey guys i would love to do that too

heyyyyy…where u loc pissbud? Wld DEF luv to get together…drinkin
our sweet golden nectar…ever notice by ur 3rd recycle…hhmmm…
it gets soooo fuckin sweet - that I really get into gulpin it down…served
best HOTT! DEF get back to me pissbud…Oink~


so do i rick…do you have skype?

i would love too really love to drink my own piss

Me too bud & by the 3rd recycle…it’s
real sweet…best served hot from the tap! Heyyy any pissbuds in New England area??? Seems most here are into WS talk only…looking for lots of mutual pissplay…oink~

mm do you have some pics? we should drink it together

hi bud…sorry don’t have pix but left u message that we shld DEF trade some pissabused undergear
wld fuckin luv to have u wear my manpisstink…as much as I wanna wear ur filthy boipisstink!

Hit me up id love to Piss chat

will do bud…just won’t be tonite…previous
commitments…but can chat tomorrow eve
Yeah luv to hear pisstories…wish u were lots closer…wld suggest we go out for a cple brews or tank up so we gotta piss…then who gets wet 1st?

Would love to get into this with anyone on Skype: manzana710

Where u loc. bud? Horny as FUCK for loads of mutual pissplay!!!

I’ve drank mine on cam before, in a live chat room. It was hot. I only drink when it’s clear, sweet taste only once. I’m open to being a voyeur too. I don’t use Skype, it freezes up my laptop too bad.

Would love to with someone on FaceTime or Google Vid or something.


We do have a chat room here. It works well, and it supports video. Sadly, nobody seems to use it.

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mmm would love to…

would love too piss with you on cam

Heyyyy…Fuck Yeah…am fuckin
achin to get into a group mutual non-
stop pissparty!!! Seems nothing out this way…where u loc?