farming piss

have anyone did this before?
Just putting a cup in an urinal of a pub and wait till a random guy go to restroom and piss in it. Does anyone have experience with this?


U must read my piss pipe fun in storys boys where the doctor is on the end off a piss pipe and young lads r piss in down it

thanks for all that turned up at my piss party, more piss fun next friday on the doctors piss a thone

try some hot teen beer piss boy if that don’t do it nothing will,


me to bro drunk so much piss that night as well.

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Never done that, but I’ll definitely try!
Sounds fucking hot

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no. I might ask the wrong studs. and it never entre my mind

No; but, what a great idea. If you find regular donors it could lead to some steady feeders. Gonna have to try this.

hi there. I remember when I use to get piss from the tap at the bars. guy would come in notice eand let me drink his warm beer piss. was so great.


i would sooner drink from the tap right now.

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I’ve done this few times, put an empty beer bottle or glass with $ 10 underneath and leave on urinal in bar. Went back few minutes later, $ 10 gone, glass full of piss for me to drink
I’m just a kinky piss drinker, willing to do whatever to get it

I wouldn’t be too comfortable doing that, I’m not much of a drinker- I’ve only ever tasted my own, and didn’t much care for the taste. As for collecting someone else’s pee to play with, it’d have to be someone I know. There’re way too many desieasd guys out there that don’t mind spreading their desiese(s) for me to feel comfortable doing it with a complete stranger(s)

but how you convince guys to piss in your mouth? you just ask?

You could urinate on me anytime.

It doesn’t take much convincing for some of us. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes done it at eagles in ny :wink:

anyone in south florida want to do this let me know