I buy your pissed underwear

My kink is wearing other guys dirty underwear. Weird to some, but to me it’s a huge turn on.
Smelling your smells, your sweaty crotch and musky ass all combined with the aroma of your stale piss, cum too if you want. Hit me up and lets make it happen $$


I read your Yelloh2o forum post about liking to wear other guy’s dirty underwear. I’d be interested in selling my dirty underwear to you. Let me know what You’re looking for/ interested in. I.e. boxers? briefs? thongs? What other stains besides piss, and com? Do you like shit stains? Let me know what You’re interested in

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Full on raunchy piggy I am.
Like my cock n balls rubbing in your dirty stained crotch and my ass crack feeling the scratch of patch of your dried shit

love this thread, I’d be interested in selling my underwear but I’m also interested in buying some or maybe we can trade

Darn just threw away mine had the for a couple years still got the shorty was white is yellow now

Dark, my loss
Make me another pair

Hey chuck
I don’t check in here often, sorry for late reply
Yes, I’m a total piss pinker, the smell of stale or fresh piss is like sex to me.
Ignites my filthy desires. What u have to sell?
Size?, degree of filth

I have a shirt I pissed in several times was white but yellow now is it worth anything haha times are tough kidding

hey bud
still got the shirt
what size, color

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I do still have it might piss on it tonight I can take a pic if. You want

It’s an x large white shirt that has turned yellow

I would love to help you out with this!

FUUUUCK!!! That is also one of my pref kinks! Luv wearin other piggs cumstained briefs, boxerbriefs, thongs but especially jockstraps! Luv’em stickywet cumstained, ballsweat from the gym, and pissoaked & pisstinked. Fuckin LUV wearin other piggs manstinks out in public…gives me a boner all day long. Count me in for a group to trade pigged out underwear! Oink~

I’ll start pissing in more things of people will buy them

Likewise. I have underwear I can post for people’s choice…