Piss Chat

Anybody want to Piss Chat with me through this site or skype? please his me up!


We should get a skype group going or something…

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I concur

Im in wow piss chat sounds so hot

would love some hot piss chat.

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there is a lot to be said for piss chat, the thought of talking to some one who is piss in as he speaks to you. nice

francocart is my Skype id… add me

want 2 talk 2 the doc and piss

now filling a bag 4 u mate

wow I’ve just wet me bed

i could b you toy let if u want

had a piss drink 4 u mate mmmm

god I’ve done 3 bags high on poppers x

time 2 drink nite mate x

Would love to chat, hold, piss

Hell yeah, deu

would be fun to piss on skype

anyone want to talk about pissplay

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I would love to on this site

Hey my number meet is 251-656-7789. I am looking for guys to text me about piss and piss sucking.
I love piss so much. It’s the thing I am just crazy about. The smell. Especially and the taste. I will pay to suck morning piss. I have sucked gallons of puss including all my own piss everyday becuz it’s sweet and smells sexy. I love puss becuz it smells like sex
I. Have stuffed towels in urinals and cups do guys would piss in them. I put cups down next to urinals. Guys fill them up with yellow piss and then I can drink it all when I pick them up. It’s so fucking good.
All I want is to suck piss from guys cocks Please text message me guys about piss. I pay for morning puss and I sleep buy pissy smelly towels and things if you have any.
I drink. Lots and lots of piss. I have worked for years on sucking piss and I have gotten addicted to piss. There are even Porto potty’s with piss jugs in them you can disconnect and take I have done it soooo many times. It’s fucking hot.
Text me ASAP. Let’s chat about piss please. Text puss lover to 2516567789

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