Tea, Coffee and Piss

So lads,
How do you enjoy piss in your coffee?
Or do you use a tea bag, and piss as your water?
Personally, I’ve been using the instant coffee and my warm piss… the best part of the mornin’.
After the previous posts on coffee and piss,
I’ll have to pay attention to flavor.
I find certain teas make it really bitter and strong.
I have acid reflux, so my piss can’t be super acidic…

Also, anyone else try some on their tooth brush? It’s a great tooth whitener.

That’s all I got for now.

Actually put piss instead of water as ingredient in some food stuff, like waffles or noodles. Tried coffee ones but too bitter and salty for my taste, haven’t tried with tea though.
What I found taste incredibly good is mixing beer with piss or vodka with piss :slight_smile:


I love to make a coffee drink it half and top it off with my piss