Trucker piss bombs

I drive around for hours looking for tossed roadside bottles full Piss.
Guys will piss in their empty drink bottles and toss out along the roadside known as a “trucker piss bomb”. On a good week I will find
7 to 9 bottles.
I luv drinking them on cam, like to think of who filled them as I drink them. I’ve drank hundreds of these bottles never had any health issues. Not all the piss I find is drinkable, I will only drink the piss that’s super clear and not overly salty. I live in Florida so the UV light from the sun helps! The piss that’s to ripe to drink, fill a jug with a small hole in the bottom hang it up in my tub let all that beautiful smelly piss stream all over me. Oh man just the smell makes me rock hard !
I know this isn’t for everyone but it a no hassle way to get a guys piss!

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i find that as tempting as you. Have only done in summer, cruzizng parks, truck stops,
have found few, but. the excitement, how it fuels my being a dirty perv.
I taste everyone, even the dark yellow, fill my mouth, swallow or spit out.
Even used a few as piss enemas, piss piggy here

where in florida are you located at i am in boca raton, florida

Super hot! Had never thought of this… Anyone driving through MN anytime soon? I’ll pick up your piss bombs :wink: