Want group of men to piss on me

Aberdeen, South Dakota man. My fantasy is to meet a group of 5 to 10 guys. all naked in a circle around me. me playing, licking, sucking on them all, drinking some warm piss. I want them all to piss a nd cum all over me.


I hope you find them and good luck to you

that would be nice. but most likely never happen

Leroy! You are my kinda guy!!!

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wish i was with you right now

Same fantasy here. I’ve only pissed on myself so far.

Had the same fantasy since I was a kid

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A pissclub would be great. A group of guys not too far apart that meetup regularly and piss each other silly. Hot fun. I’m in North Carolina.

wow that was my fantasy for years

Let’s have the biggest Piss party in it everyone on here haha I’d go

I love being a urinal for alpha males.