Fantasy, would anyone like to do it

My Master had stripped me down to just my stockings, as he lay me on his well used table. My legs automatically parted and lifted so he could remove the throbbing toy from my quivering hole. He immediately slowly entered me, thrusting deep, I moaned and pushed to meet him. He slowly kept going for ages whilst I writhe and enjoyed it, he then began to move faster. Now, he said, and held my dick as I began to piss a full bladder. He pointed it all over me, and let me catch my warm stream in my mouth, I was soaked as he came deep inside me, then told me to want, I was already hard and came all over me quickly, he rubbed it in all over me but saved the best for me to lick. I suddenly felt a warm rush inside me and knew my master was pissing inside me, he then withdrew to splash his piss on me, and with his dick glistening with cum, came around and finished his piss deep into My mouth whilst I cleaned him. Get up he said, so I stood, and let his piss and cum dribble down my legs, now clean it up he demanded. Hmmmm.


Done something similar. While my top was fucking me, he would pull out and piss all over my t-shirt, and up into my mouth. He put his cock back in, then I would let loose a stream across my belly and chest. He would press down on top me, our warm pisses between us, while he kept nailing me. Then he pulled out, climbed up, straddled my chest, and face-fucked me until he blew his load. He paused a moment, then washed his cum down with a hot stream, That was it for me, I shot my load while drinking his cum/piss.


Hmmmm!!!, sounds like you had a good time, would love that to happen to me, either top or bottom. Got some more fantasies if you want to hear them. Don’t get a lot of action myself, not many round here share my tastes.

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Text me
Piss sucker. 251-6567789
I love piss and cum cocktails. 32oz yellow piss with cum chaser

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Yup, I’d do that. Preferably on a Friday evening and not clean up, do it repeatedly over the weekend so it would get stinkier and more fun each time. That’s my fantasy anyway. Just wish I could but I have to with normal folks.


I would love to hear your fantasies, and share some of mine. Sorry so long before replying, new to this site and just saw your post. WS porn always makes me bust my nuts when I’m jacking off

Look at my other post dirty fantasy outside. Just love W/S from start to finish. Love drinking lots while fooling around till my bladder feels full, then trying to last as long as possible or being made to hold on, then gently ( if on my own) letting it go in slow spurts all over me, rubbing it in, then trying to stop and hold on again. Then let it go again straight into my open mouth and all over till I am dripping. If I have any left I will pee in my hand and slurp it into my mouth. If with someone else will try and make a joint piss session last as long as possible with short spurts being used to their utmost, swapping piss by mouth and washing and soaking, and sometimes more…

i do like to drink warm pee from the tap. for sure.


getting pissed on is great. love the warm feeling

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Ahhhh Bud…Wish I could meet up w/u…would luv to get into hours of mutual pissplay in/out clothes & in/outdrs…
Luv hosin a pisspigg down real good soak him w/my manpisstink! Get his clothes
all pisstained too &&& likewise…luv getting multiple pissdrenchins too
Would be hot to go out camping in the woods & be total pisspiggs!

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i would like that a lot. you can piss all over me

All sounds really hot. Love to play too.

any time yes. i want to get wet

Fuck yeah!!! Would LUV to give & get
totally pissdrenched…in/out clothes &
in/outdrs…Oink~ Let’s DO IT!!!

would be great to meet a couple of men to have some wet fun

Yeah Leroy…that goes ditto…fuckin
ACHIN for lots of mutual pissplay!!!
Where u loc? Wld be awesome if ur driving distance…Woof!

i live in South Dakota. where do you live?

i would like that a lot

Yeah…f’n achin for loads 'n loads of mutual gang pissplay…but wld be one hell of a drive…
am out on the east coast just outside of Boston.
Gotta say not many pisspiggs out here…or they’re hiding it well!

i think i would really like that a lot