New York piss clubs

Anyone know of anywhere in the Manhattan area to get nice and wet

I haven’t seen to many parties on the eastern coast Canada or us if one was close enough I would attend I’ve always wanted to see one of these parties and what goes down

It’s ridiculous that in NYC there is no place tor WS play. Used to be a place called the “Storefront” Anyone remember it?

There IS a place in Brooklyn hosted by GSA (Golden Showers Assoc.) Am sure u can google it…pissparties held once a month (unfortunately).
But that’s the ONLY one I know of. ANY Pparty info
greatly appreciated…esp in northeast US.

my apt in midtown :grinning:


Heyyyy “Nycluvitwet” …are u saying that ur apt. is another NYC Pissclub??? U DEF got my interest. Wish I had a cabin out in the woods…strictly for total pissparties…piss anywhere & everywhere. Tell me more…am DEF up for a small group of pisspiggs…Oink~

not really but happy to host a few guys!

If anyone in NYC is interested in getting 2-3 guys together for some piss fun I can host


Went to a bar in Toronto years ago they had piss night, you could get in a little pool and dudes would piss on you or you could just pull your dick out and piss on whomever was in there totally amazing. Also they had a beer special to go with it